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We’ve enhanced your site review experience so you can more quickly, more easily, and more confidently select recommended sites who bring the greatest potential for your trial. See more of what makes these community-based sites unique and effective.

New scannable format

More quickly and clearly see what makes each site a strong match

Summaries, visual representations, and priority placement of key metrics makes it easier to review important considerations and confirm mandatory criteria. Information is organized into two easy-to-skim sections:

  1. How the site fits with your trial
    • Requirements overview (based on sponsor-collaborated criteria)
    • Capabilities
    • Team makeup
    • Location
  2. How Inato verified patient commitment
    • Historical performance
    • Site enrollment estimation
    • Diversity
    • Motivation
    • Quality check
    • Study start-up timelines (averages)
1 - Section - top of page

More context to site history, potential & unique strengths

See each community site’s full-color picture

See more than stagnant black and white historical data. Important contextual insights from each recommended site’s staff and the Inato Site Partnership Manager uncovers noteworthy details to consider when evaluating the site.

This added context is shared in each section, from the requirements overview to diversity to startup timelines.

2 - Section - full picture

New historical performance view

Gauge site reliability with access to historical performance data

  • See site performance in past comparable trials, including trial details
  • See PI's trial experience in relevant disease areas
  • Gain contextual insights on past performance from the site and the designated Inato Site Partnership Manager
3 - Section - Historical performance

More robust diversity data

Uncover diversity strengths & inclusive engagement

  • Gain visibility to historical diversity performance
  • See what community programs and initiatives are driving each site's relationships with diverse patients
  • Explore staff diversity strengths, such as bilingual skillsets and community representation
  • Confirm which race and ethnicity populations each site has access to
  • Uncover unique site diversity strengths by comparing site patient populations to local US census data 
4 - Section - Diversity

Now see quality check findings

Gain confidence through verification transparency

  • Confirm reliability of recommended sites with new visibility to Inato’s Quality Check details for each site
  • See how each site’s Inato Verified Commitment (IVC) was determined with more insights to site-reported patient enrollment potential
  • See more details for how each site meets your set trial requirements
5 - Section - Quality check

What Pharma Users Are Saying

"Diversity is very complex, the investigators think they will succeed. It's helpful to see under ‘Historical Performance’ how they've actually managed to achieve it in the past." Confidential Top-20 Pharma Sponsor User
"This is a great comprehensive, high-level overview. I can better understand more quickly if the site meets our needs, and we can dig into more data as needed. Much easier to review each site application." Confidential Top-10 Pharma Sponsor User
“I particularly like the Inato insights and the comparable trial experience to see what they’ve done in the past. It’s really helpful. I also like the site enrollment estimations. Sites always over-commit, but I feel like I can really trust these numbers at this stage here.” Confidential Top-20 Pharma Sponsor User

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